Zineb Hamza, a Moroccan Digital Artist, and Multidisciplinary Designer based in Tangier.


I studied & hold my diplomat of Design at the National Institute of Fine Arts of Tetouan. Also, i hold a license Degree in philosophy from Faculty of Letters and Humanities.

Simple & fascinated by pure, little things & details. Immersed in a world in constant evolution, sudden changes which reflect in my life, mind & soul an endless explosion of growth. 

I feed on my family, friendly & professional environment in order to move towards a sustainable progress, inhabited by the humanist wish to contribute in a holistic approach.

I love everything different. Everything that lies beyond normality. I learned to sharpen my senses, so i became sensitive to details, materials, uses, driven by a quest for inspiring projects in the field of arts, design and technology. Always ready to explore "anything, anywhere" in order to raise my awareness to the depths of the unknown, so i can find myself, and so create things that represent me. 

I have a good experience working with clients and team members in each stage of integral design projects: Briefing, research, analysis, strategy, concept, sketching, design, pitching and implementation.

Graphic design and digital art are my ways of expression in the creative world: it is the connection and the union of my approach to several disciplines.

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